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Spring 2001

June 19, 2001


Focus of the Week: 5/6/2001

Spring is finally here!  Taco (Supreme) is celebrating by playing with an empty soda pop bottle.  I'm not quite sure what everything here is, except that the yellow flower is supposed to be a trumpet lily and the lower image is a flowering fern variety. 


The Week: 4/29/2001
The Houghton High School Band (Bjorn plays the tuba) participated in the State's Competition last Friday at the Forest Hill High School in Crystal Falls


News of the Week: 4/21/2001

We had rain, heavy at times, Friday night and almost all day Saturday.  Together with the  accelerated thawing of winter snow, it has caused widespread flooding.  The Trap Rock River which runs through our land, is no exception.  From the looks of things when these pictures were taken
(9 P.M. Saturday night), it will crest above the bridge -- our only way out of here!


News of the Week: 4/6/2001

Our latest family pet addition is an adorable male rat, Igor (as in Stravinsky) - smart as a whip, and musical?!  He came from Bjorn's biology teacher who still wants to use him for stud service - to help produce offspring for snake food!  In the meantime we are caring for him and, as you can see, he is working himself into our hearts, especially Donna's.


News of the Week: 4/1/2001

Houghton High School choir performed at Messiah Lutheran Church, Marquette.  They participated in the annual state choir competitions.


News of the Week - 3/25/2001

One week and a half ago, this garage on Houghton Avenue in Houghton collapsed from the weight of snow, crushing three cars inside.  So far this winter, snowfall has exceeded the yearly average of 187 inches.  As of March 14, we had 49 inches on the ground.  Naturally, frequent shoveling of roofs and driveways is a necessity.  We have cleared ours four times this winter!