Day  4 -
Actors, Friends
and Bad Girls

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The photos are listed chronologically as we experienced each of the four days. This arrangement may result in some redundancy and lack of organization, but consider each page a pictorial diary with some text entries.

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U.P. Map

It actually snowed last night. The wait this morning to get in was cold and nasty, so I won't bore you with pictures or details.

Tamuera Morrison (Jango Fett)


The actors sat at these tables waiting for eager fans to stop by and


Michigan Tech Winter Carnivals: 2001-2012
Houghton SDA Students
Graduate 2010
Christmas in the Park & Grand Forks, ND 2009
Bay Area Visit - 2009
Bjørn's & Kent's Middle East Tour - 2008
University of Minnesota Arboretum - May 2008
Stargate 2008 in Vancouver Canada
Bjørn's archeological dig at Ancient Hazor, 2007

Kent's and Becky's Wedding

StarWars Celebration IV, 2007 Los Angeles

StarWars Celebration III, 2005 Indianapolis

StarWars Celebration II, 2002 Indianapolis
U-2 Concert Chicago
Old Photo Gallery


Zach Jensen (Kit Fisto)

Jesse Jensen (Saesee Tiin)

Barrie Holland (General Ren)

In 2002, we talked to Amy Allan(
Aayla Secura) about 15 minutes. This time she was so busy that we decided not wait in the very long line for her. I took these shots from an adjacent line. Here she got so bored with the whole thing, she had to read the newspaper!

A waiting fan finally got her attention and she continued  signing photos of herself and looking pretty.

Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett)

Jeremy Bulloch and his wife, Maureen

Kenny Baker and Valerie

This Gamorrean Guard had been standing in line to see one of the stars, when he became belligerent. We got out of there!

We went back to talk to Leanna Weissman (
Zam Wessell). I did not get my picture with her the first time. (She was supposed to have been at Celebration 2 but did not make it.) She is definitely the prettiest StarWars "bad girl."



? mimicking what Darth Vader did to him through the use of the Force

? and his son

Mike Quinn and Tim Rose

Mike Quinn and Tim Rose getting tired of all the politeness. Bjørn says, "Get me out of here!"

Tim Rose

This was the final slave girl we saw – and the prettiest. She made quite a stir: there must have been over 100 people (men!) watching.

She had trouble staying in character. Obviously, she was enjoying herself as much as those of us watching.

Finally free of her captor, we got a big smile.

As she was recaptured, she finally found her character again and played her role to perfection.

Bjørn with Cynthia Cummens, an official StarWars artist. Her web site is

Bjørn ordered this sketch card from Cynthia. You can order your own custom-made art from her at

Some storm troupers just want to have fun.

This is Halley Boatman and Bjørn. I met Halley in line for the final presentation "Bad Girls of StarWars."
Here's a young woman who, like Bjørn, does not drive a car. I knew they had to have more in common! (This is quite possibly my best photo from the Celebration – look at their facial expressions!)

It turned out that Halley is studying paleontology. Bjørn wants to study anthropology (Egyptology). So here they are, one wanting to know more about ancient animals, the other, ancient people – all dead long ago, of course. A winning combination!

Michonne Bourriage,
Sandi Finlay, ?  and
Leanna Weissman. Leanna had finally found the chair she was supposed to sit in (after trying out three others)

A lucky little girl was invited to join the discussion on stage

A fitting conclusion for Celebration 3: Anakin socking it to Darth Vader.

We stopped at this old-style diner at Center Mall after Celebration 3 to get a bite to eat. They sport the best fries in Indianapolis and waiters (tresses) would break into dance when they periodically played...?
Check out our trip home via Chicago's Field Museum.
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